The Dragon Coaching House is a team of experienced

coaches, therapists, psychologists, trainers and consultants

coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best results.

We use the Gestalt Methodology approach in Leadership Coaching and Organisational Development to facilitate awareness of new choices in old settings, thus enabling different type of decision making and ultimately the desired change. Your needs are addressed with a deep understanding of team dynamics. Coaching leaders means indirectly impacting their teams, which is why team literacy is very important in our work.

Iulia Oprea

Founder – Dragon Coaching House

Our Values


Consciousness is at the core of our values. It’s where most of the work with us happens, it’s where personal and professional development takes place using our awareness and our sensations.


We aim to bring clarity in our communication by addressing blind spots, assumptions and by achieving mutual understanding.


People who are in contact with their inner strength can afford to be kind with others. We teach a way of being kind with people, but tough on a situation.


Together we explore the inner strength of our clients, and help them become aware of how it's showing up, or how it's missing in crucial situations.


It means to leave things better than we found them. When we are clear, strong, and kind we can allow ourselves to become noble.

Meet the Team

Our diverse, international group consists of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs in the field of consulting, finance, recruitment, HR, coaching & therapy.

Iulia Oprea


Founder at Dragon Coaching House | Leadership & Organisational Development Expert | Executive Coach & Gestalt Therapist 

Nick Pearce

CEO & Co-FOUNDEr/Consultant

of Alexander Daniels Global, Recruitment Agency for the 3D Printing Industry

Deak Krisztina

finance executive

Certified Team and Business Coach